About Me

My name is Rich Gottlieb and I'm a front-end web developer from the Philadelphia area. I graduated from Neshaminy High School in 2007 and then continued my education as a Digital Media major at Drexel University where I graduated in 2011. I initially focused on 3D animation during my college career but decided to intern at Devnuts in my junior year. Before I knew it I was hooked to web development and never looked back.

My Skills

I pride myself on being able to quickly slice up design documents and turn them into a beautiful and interactive websites or applications. I enjoy writing HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery, ExtJs, Sencha Touch), Sass, and Compass. I'm also working on learning PHP/MySQL and Ruby so that I can start handling more back-end programming.

What I'm Doing Now

I was recently hired by Oncourse Systems as an Ext Js developer where I'm responsible for interface design and development. However, even with my full-time job I'm still available for freelance work so please feel free to contact me. I'm also still assisting my fellow dragons learn the basics of web development at Drexel's Digital Media Site Club while regularly attending PANMA and Philly Tech Meetup events in the city.

A little extra…

Anytime I'm not working on web development you can find me cheering on all the Philadelphia sports teams, or at Southampton Beverage where I work part-time. I've had my job at Southampton Beverage since my freshman year at Drexel (I know it's pretty sweet gig for a college kid) and it has turned me into what some would call a "beer snob". However, I prefer "beer enthusiast".

Where'd I learn all of this?

One of my best things about being involved in the web community is that other developers are more interested in sharing their secrets rather than hiding them away. If you're interested in learning about web development, or you're just wondering how I figured all this stuff out, I highly recommend the links below. I wouldn't be where I am today without the following sites: